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Why We Created Bottle Cap Medical ID Necklaces

Boys were the main reason we developed the bottle cap jewelry styles.  Boys are all about the current themes of the day whether it is about dinosaurs or heroes.  Our desire to provide a style that he would love to share with friends and be proud to wear was why we designed these bottle caps. 

Bottle caps can also be charms for a zipper pull, backpacks, and on shoe laces,

Once he is used to wearing these, Mom and Dad can move him into other styles as he grows.  Every child loves to share what makes them happy, we aim to make him happy.

More, More, More for Boys!

If he loves necklaces, he can wear a dog tag.  Silicone bracelets are also provided in boy themed colors and styles.  Creativity can be your friend when it comes to outfitting you boys. 

Tough and Durable for Really Active Boys

Sports is also a theme that most little boys like as well as teens.  If your little guy plays sports, you might want the paracord bracelet for him to wear as they are activity durable.

Free Engraving

Our boy’s medical IDs come with free engraving. 

Allergy Specific Items... also Medication and EpiPen Cases

Of course, we have the silicone bands that are for allergy specific as well as the lunch boxes and epi-pen cases just for kids.

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