Chrome USB Key Ring
Chrome USB Key Ring
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Key 2 Life ® EMR Medi-Chip

Chrome Medical ID Key Ring
  • Easy to Use
  • Nothing to Install
  • 4 Gigs of Storage!
  • No Drivers Needed
  • Preloaded Software
  • Easy Tutorial Included
  • PC Compatible
  • 4 Gigs
A unique New USB Medi-Chip Key Ring holds your medical records ready to be viewed in any emergency situation! The chip is WATERPROOF!

This Key Ring USB is a portable EMR (Emergency Medical Record). It has 4 Gigs of memory to store your latest medical information and contact list. Over 95% of emergency responders will check for a bracelet, necklace or key chain for medical information. The unit works in all PC computers.  

This one is so smart looking and can be easily stored in a pocket or used as a keychain.  You will received a registration number that only you can establish a password to update and load your information.  First responders or your doctor's office can only read the information; they cannot change it.  If you need to store X-rays on this, there is plenty of room.  

You will love not having to write all the information down when you go to the doctor and just give them a list of your medications when you sign in.  Either your print it out before you go or they can print it out for you.  No longer will you have to remember all the dates of your procedures as once you log them in your records, they are there to stay unless you need to change something or add something.

More Features
  • 4 Gig Storage
  • Medical Software Comes Loaded
  • Easy To Fill In Forms
  • Contacts, Insurance, Medications, Allergies
  • Encrypt and Password Protect Personal Info
  • PC Compatible
  • HIPAA Compliant
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USB Medical ID Software
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