Hero-16 Medical ID Necklace
Hero-16 Medical ID Necklace
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Our Hero #16 Necklace for Kids

Our Hero #16!

  • 4 Colors to Choose From!
  • 1.25" Round
  • 24" Necklace
  • Cut to Desired Length.
  • EMS Symbol
  • Up to 50 Characters.
  • Engraved & Shipped Free.

Purple Hero Medical ID NecklaceBlue Hero Medical NecklaceOrange Hero Medical Necklace for KidsHow cool is it to wear a super hero favorite around your neck that also has the medical ID symbol on it for your little one.  Designed to show the Medical Alert Symbol so that first responders will know to look on the back for medical information.  Not only will he or she be proud to wear this piece of cartoon medical ID jewelry for kids, they will show all their friends.  Bottle Caps are such a fashion statement for all age kids to wear and this doubles as a fun kid acceptable design with a medical necessity.  Mom and Dad will be thrilled to offer this choice for him or her to wear.  Lots of room to add medical conditon, any allergies, and don't forget to add the ICE# (In Case of Emergency Call).  Hero is a medical necklace any little boy and maybe some girls would love to wear.  Teens may love this option as well.  This universal medical symbol will draw attention to your child's immediate needs.   
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free engravingDon't forget the most important information is the medical condition, any allergies, any specific treatment, and of course the ICE# to call in case of emergency.  At these affordable prices, your child can have several choices to choose from.

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