Red Cap EMS Necklace
Red Cap EMS Necklace
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Red Bottle Cap

Red Cap EMS!

  • Latest and Greatest!
  • 1.25" Round
  • 24" Necklace
  • Cut to Desired Length.
  • Red EMS Symbol
  • Up to 50 Characters.
  • Engraved & Shipped Free.

Bottle Caps are the newest and latest fashion statement to go viral with kids of all ages.  Combine that with the red medical symbol to alert first responders to your medical needs just in case attention is required.  This is a simple design that is fashionable and popular and serves the purpose.  Kids of all ages love wear the bottle cap jewelry.  This one is simple and understated but has plenty of room to engrave the necessary medical information on the back.  Be sure and include the most important medical information the first responders need to know such as Allergy to Dairy, Seizures, MS, Insulin Dependent, Autistic, Use Epi Pen, Call 911, On Blood Thinners, etc.  Don't forget to add the all important ICE# (in case of emergency call).

Young adults as well as teens love wearing the bottle cap jewelry and this one is a special design for your medical needs.  While all colors are becoming popular with the medical symbol, red remains the original color that is recognized by all.  This is a fun way to wear Medical ID Jewelry.  
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free engravingNo matter the message you need to convey, this necklace will give all the necessary information medical repsonders will need to know. Beautiful and practical medical designed jewelry is of the latest fashion and yours to enjoy wearing.

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